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Strengthening Rights and Equality by Empowering Team (STREET ) has mobilized a team of motivated youth called STREET Theatre Group. The group has received training in participatory theatre and interactive theatre. They were formerly peer educators. The team consists of working youth, i.e. welder, car washer and rickshaw driver, perfume seller and carpet weavers. The youth belongs to 4 religious and ethnic minority communities: Christian, Hazara, Hindu and Pashto. The formation of this group and the friendships formed has resulted in inter-ethnic and religious friendship which STREET aims to strengthen. STREET has mobilized youth and children from the target communities that took the shape of the STREET Theatre. The group consisted of 10 boys and 2 girls who showed interest in theatre. Initially, an informal group, they took sessions in the center on life skills based education and peer education and performed at events such as World AIDS Day, Human Rights Day, and International Youth Day etc. After November 2008, the STREET Theatre group truly became a team with high motivation level and increased activities. This change came after their training with Chanan Development Association (CDA) Lahore and Dugduqi Islamabad a non-governmental organization working on participatory theatre.

STREET used multiple techniques in theatre activities by using interactive, street theatre community theatre, Theatre for Development, invisible theatre, and proscenium theatre.

STREET is using all form of theatre and provides training to organizations, groups and individuals all over the country. From resource (people) mobilization to group formation to play formation to final performance, STREET theatre experts have the capacity to facilitate and empower grass root communities and CBOs in theater designing and implementation.

STREET has its grass root community mobilization and theater development expertise. We identify people, develop their groups, provide them theater development, scrip writing, performance and direction through improvisation and interactive exercises.

STREET works with organizations, grass root groups and community groups for capacity enhancement and challenging stereotypical gender norms, child protection and community development. Through theater, STREET highlights child sexual abuse, self and body protection, life skills, gender sensitivity, women empowerment and educational issues all over the country.

STREET Theatre group are dedicated to learning the art of theatre and to use it as a tool to create awareness on taboo subjects in communities. They have performed in places such as Madrassa,parking lots,School,Colleges,universities,courtyard,WESS’sdrop-in-centers,SEHER Drop in Center and on special children days such as universal children’s day and child sexual abuse day on issues such as HIV/AIDS, gender violence, child sexual abuse,Honor Killing,Vanni and substance abuse and trafficking.

STREET Theatre Group Members participated in the 3 days Pakistan Youth Congress on Life Skills and Drug Abuse Prevention, organized by Drug-Free Pakistan Foundation Karachi and supported by Narcotics Affairs Section USA Embassy from 27th -29 Jan 2009.In the closing ceremony STREET, Theatre Group performed interactive theatre highlighting issues of drug abuse, child sexual abuse, child trafficking and child labor. The event provided STREET Theatre Group with a platform to discuss, share and learn regarding usage of drugs among young people and Life Skill Tools.

STREET theatre group were performed in front of prime minster of Pakistan. The event organized by Federal minster of Human Rights Pakistan and collaboration of Unicef Islamabad. Theatre plays on the occasion of Human Rights Day on 10 of December.

STREET organized theatre performance with the collaboration of Institute for developing studies and practices (IDSP) Quetta Child protection center (CPC) at the Double road, Quetta  IDSP working with auto mobiles workers, domestic worker (Female) and raq picker’s children, provides NFE, LSBE and art craft sessions.

STREET Theatre Group Presents a Performance to enable children, promote education and work on peace and Understand and identify the consequences of war on children’s life and education and make a Peace and issues of working children highlight in this performance for the event of Kitimat E Khalq Foundation.

STREET Quetta organized an “Interactive Theatre Performance” at SANJOG’s Child Center (CC) Kasi road Halqa No. 11.in collaboration with VOICE organization. In this regard STREET Theatre Group was practiced on the theme of “Vanni” (a tribal practice in which a girl is handed over to opponent tribe to resolve feuds).

STREET conducted and organized (30) interactive theatre performances for CHANAN DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION Lahore-based on CIVIC and VOTER EDUCATION and AWARENESS at Quetta and district Ziarat.

STREET Theatre Group recently performed Interactive Theatre on Youth and Civic Engagement on the occasion of International Youth Day 2015.Organized by College of Youth and Activism Development (CYAAD) Quetta at press club Quetta.

STREET Performances

STREET Theater Group is an experienced in designing and developing theater performances and is hired by different development organizations all over the country. This group consists of young theater professionals. This group is a combination of male and female artists, experienced and rich in their theatrical skills. We offer our services to as per their requirements. 

Theatre Trainings

STREET team has its expertise to perform on different issues along with the following training.

  • Training of Trainers on Theater Formation, Script Writing and Improvisation
  • Training and Facilitation of Community Based Theatre Group Formation
  • Training on Theater for Development-An Awareness Raising Tool
  • Training on Theater as Successful Communication Tool
  • Training on Theatrical Skills
  • Play Formation Training and Facilitation
  • Training on Using Theatre for Self Development
  • Training on Using Theatre as Different Development Tools (awareness, research)


IEC Material development

STREET, based on its solid background and expertise in theatrical material development, provide its technical support and facilitates different organization to develop their theater training manuals, posters, flyers and IEC material for theatre development, direction and performance.


STREET is a team of experts on theatre with diverse background performing for the last ten years on social issues. Our projects and programs are gender sensitive and culturally acceptable which promotes right based life skills approach.